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Frequently Asked Questions by Foreign Visitors

Any foreign national visitor seeking an honorarium, royalty, or other taxable payment must have a United States SSN or ITIN. In the event the payee does not have either, they will need to apply for an ITIN on Form W-7 found at .
A minimum of 6 to 8 weeks after all required information has been received.
Yes. Royalties paid by U.S. entity are subject to U.S. taxation.
This form is evidence of your current immigration status in the United States. Your current immigration status determines what types of payments you can receive.
A copy of your passport - the name and picture page and the page that contains the oval Homeland Security stamp that you received when you entered the US for this visit..
No. Reimbursements for travel paid to foreign nationals do not require a U.S. SSN nor ITIN.
The University of New Mexico is required to comply with all applicable United States Citizenship and Immigration Service and Internal Revenue Service regulations. We cannot issue a payment to you if these requirements are not met.